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Hi all -

I have a couple of new clips on the site. I'll get right to it -

V-me. A branding of a latino PBS channel that just started airing in the Spring. Orion Slave Girls Must Die!!!. A comedic student film that made it into Comic Con. There are 2 clips here.
VH1: Take a Break. Another VH1 show. GSN. A rebranding of the Game Show Network. There are 10 clips here.

Plus, my reel had been updated to include those projects.

As a bonus, you get to see a blast from my past. I got a seemingly random call from a guy who worked on an old pilot project that I was involved with back at Tapehouse called Spider Virus. It was directed by John Moynihan (son of the late Senator) and was the first project I did major 3D and compositing work on. It somehow got around that I was a packrat and had a copy of this old project. That what this guy who called was looking for. Of course this is true and I knew exactly where to look.

The pilot ended up being called "Atomic Road Kill" (because of a possible copywrite infringement if I recall) and is 14 min long. It's a little difficult to follow, so I won't blame you if you can't. As for what I can say on my work...considering when it was done (1999), how much I knew (nothing), and what I did (water and smoke FX, which is STILL one of the most difficult things to do in CG) was quite impressive. It still was one of the best projects I've worked on with a director who just let me loose. If I hadn't lost contact with John, I'd love to tell him that. So, if you 14 min to spare, check out Atomic Road Kill...and yes, that IS Christopher Walken singing in the end.

Last bit of news about my movie poster collection. I've mentioned before that I have over 300 of them. Seems like a lot. Well, my collection has now grown by a power of 10. I'm not kidding. It turns out that a friend of my father passed away. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to meet him even though my father has wanted us to meet for a long time. He was the manager for a local theater here for the past 20 years. It seems like he collected a poster from just about every movie released during that time. After seeing the collection, I estimate between 2-3 THOUSAND easy. Almost all of them stored flat. While I'd love to show you images of all this stuff now, it's going to take me a long time to go through them...and believe me I will be going through them. So let me just say that it's an honor to have the Joe Weber collection as part of my own.


- Luciano

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