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Orion Slave Girls Must Die!!!
sc01 - sc05

Opening Sequence. The shot list required me to animate (and render) the 3D ship, transition them to live action shots, add sparkles to the [green] Orion Girl shots, paint out the stunt rig (platform and cable) from 3 shots and add a TV effect over the whole thing. Simple right?

In the 3D ship shots, I purposely offset the black levels to make it look a little off. The director wasn't going for the hyper-real look. It made it a little more stylized. That and it made the TV lines appear clearer, which was important.

The wire removal (when the guy gets knocked back by the alien) was over sand, which is probably one of the hardest scenerios I'll ever come aross for that effect. I couldn't just paint it out...I had to match the texture of the sand grains.

Can't see the video? Quicktime 7 required.
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