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Aliens in the Attic
© 2009 20th Century Fox

I did wire and rig removal on several shots in this sequence. This one was the most difficult because of all the characters in the shot and the number of wires. I don't have access to the original plate, which I wish I can show you. This whole sequence was filmed with the characters hanging from wires and the plate was flipped to have them appear weightless.

A clean plate (with no characters or wires) had to be created, and the wires were painted out to reveal it...essentually the whole BG was replaced. Then the sleeve and shirt of the foreground character was replaced because the wire completely distorted it as it traveled over. Then finally a CG floor was comped in.

See the trailer here. Check it out on Blu-Ray or DVD.

Can't see the video? Quicktime 7 required.
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