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Hi all -

It's finally finished. The project I started over a year ago...organizing my posters. Forgive me, but I had a lot of them to sort. At present count, 2530...not including the roughly 1100 duplicates. All stored flat.

There are several really great sites devoted to movie posters images. One in particular is the Internet Movie Poster Awards, which I check out constantly, but the only problem with it (and many other sites) is they do not differentiate between promo images and actual printed images (not every image makes it to print). As far as I know, my site has got to have one of the largest online image galleries from a private collection of ACTUAL physical posters. I only say this because I couldn't find any one who's done this...and I don't have the largest private collection...nowhere near. That being said, check out the posters here...or read on.

Last year, I spent about 10 days in the basement of a storage facility photographing every single poster I had and sorting them into alphabetical groups, as well as one for duplicates. It was kind of like that memory game where you have to find the pairs of images on the flipped cards. I had to efficiently go through the pile and only photograph the new images...remembering what I did and leaving the dupes for later. What made things more difficult was the fact that some movies have the same image for the advance (adv) and release posters...except one says, "Coming Soon" and the other has a release date on it. Or one without a rating and one with. Even a few misprints (On "Lost in Yonkers", it was a single letter in a name)...they were still considered individual prints. Of course I didn't notice that last one until I reviewed the photographs and A/B-ed the image. Next day, I removed it from the dupe pile. I even went so far as to unarchive my old game posters and add them to this list (After Burner, anyone?).

Another means of multiple copies are when the prints are double sided (DS) or single sided (SS) prints. You see, in the 90's posters started appearing with the image printed on both sides to allow for better viewing though rear illuminated frames. This has NOTHING to do with whether a print is original or a reproduction because the same company would print half SS and half DS posters. Case in point, I have a few posters of the same movie from the same theater and one is SS and another DS. Needless to say, they are another version on the pile. But for the purposes of the photos, there's only one version because you can't tell.

Let's face it, I did this for me because quite frankly I can't remember what I have. Especially after experiencing the subtle differences between prints...I had to organize them. So since I wasn't about to make 2500 web pages, I needed to find a program to create this giant photo album online. Funny thing, you'd think it would be easy to find an online photo album creator that can use completely custom's not. Not even Dreamweaver (which I used to create and update this site) falls flat. Doesn't do what I want.

Then I found this great program called Image Rodeo. It's for a Mac (yeah), free (yeah), and has great organization and custom templates (yeah, yeah). So after a major modification to the template code, I have my photo album with Syzygy FX colors, logos and links. Even though it has a few flaws and hasn't been updated in 5 years (and it won't), it's still better and anything that I've found, free or not.

Once again, click here to check out the posters.

Don't forget, Aliens in the Attic starts today. Go take a break and see it.


- Luciano

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