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Hi all -

I have a couple updates on the site. Actually, I did a pretty major overhaul to the site, but I'll spare you the details and get right to the nitty gritty.

First, I updated my reel.
Completely re-edited it. Kind of felt like it needed it. Instead of having 2 separate sections of compositing and 3D animation, I combined them into a much stronger montage taking out some of the 3D "tests" that I had in there before. The full clips are still viewable on the site here, so I didn't feel like it needed to be there. Click here to see it.

Second, I added a couple of clips to the projects page.

Promax BDA. RHI Movie Weekend.

Promax was for a convention here in NYC. Since it was for the Latin America division, the design was a bunch of cubes and cylinders in the shape of Middle and South America. I created and animated the shapes forming the continent.

RHI, has been an ongoing project since last year. Think of just about every made for TV movie and mini-series over the last 30 years and RHI's responsible for them. Moby Dick, Merlin, even Tin Man which aired on sci-fi. So they got air time on the ION network every weekend and its called "The RHI Movie Weekend". CA Square designed the look for them and the relationship started there. I worked on this last summer. Since then we designed/animated many of the end tag titles for the commercials.

I had to watch the films (tough job) and come up with suggestions for the look...snow for Hogfather, rain for Flood. I can't take credit for all of them, but those two are some of my favorites. In January, the client was so happy with the progress of Aces 'N' Eights, they decided to use it as the titles in the film. So while most of these are just aired and forgotten in commercials, Aces is there permanently.

Aces was also part of a western package where we redesigned the look of the main logo. This was fun because I created 3D matte painting and it came out really nice.

Lastly, Pen vs. Pencil is on youTube. I decided to put it there because the fesitval circut is long over and after curiousity led me to search the site, I found out that people have ripped off the name. I know you can't copywrite a name, but if you do a google search on "pen vs pencil", my short is the first on the list. So you'd think anyone who made a short would do a search like like that...maybe?...maybe not. Either way, the ORIGINAL Pen vs. Pencil is now there with a whopping 143 views in 2 months (yippie ;) ). Feel free to add more to that number and give it a 5 star review. Yes? Please? If you, I might add a couple explinations to that yippie ;).

Just for the hell of it, I also added to youTube the timelapse stuff I did a while ago - Newport Pier, NYC sunrise, and NYC 24 hours. The quality is much better here on my site of course.


- Luciano

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