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Hi all -

On Saturday, February 9th, 2008, Alison gave birth to a 7 lb 13.6 oz baby girl. Her name is Paloma Shields DiGeronimo. Both she and Alison are doing very well. Alison's labor was incredibly fast and she was a trooper, especially for a first time birth...she began active labor at around 4:30 PM, we were at the hospital at 6:45 and she gave birth at 8:31 that night. She had a completely natural birth without any drugs or interventions. Not that she could have since everything was so fast.

This might come as a shock to many of you who never knew she was pregnant. Well it was a surprise for us because we never knew the gender. We had 2 names picked out and I was joking that it would be a girl because we never settled on a girl name until the last minute.

The name Paloma is probably most famously known from Pablo Picasso's daughter. Its a spanish name, meaning "dove", but it works with DiGeronimo. We decided to give her Alisons family name as a middle name. You don't normally use it in conversation (unless being yelled at), and it's nice that it's there.

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Another bit of news is I am getting a new computer. Not that this is a monumental piece of information, but I after 10 years I am saying goodbye to the PC. I am getting a Mac. Macs have finally gotten good enough to handle high end processing (they really never did before) and Microsoft has just about aggravated me long enough. Vista? Come on. But to be fair I'm not saying goodbye to Windows. I'll be able to run XP in Boot Camp (or Parallels) so I can still run those programs that have been stopping me from going back to Mac.

I should be getting it at the end of this month. So, in a way, I am getting 2 babies this month, but this one's going to have an 8 core processor and 12 GB of RAM. As a friend of mine said, they're BOTH going to cost me a lot of money.


- Luciano

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