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Hi all -

It's finally here...the description of the home renovations with pictures. Sure, you may not be terribly excited about this, but I am because it took almost 4 months to do. It took so long because of the exhaustiveness of the write-up and how little I wrote each day. Basically I wrote it during the day while I was rendering. So rather than watching the bar go up, I wrote...only 30-60 min a day at most. Not even all at once. It ended up being so much that single spaced in MS Word with default margins it was over 25 pages. The photos, well I had to filter through over 1600 pictures I took during the whole thing (yeah for digital cameras...I can't imaging how expensive it would be to develop all of those). Interestingly it wasn't enough. I kept getting dumbfounded by the shots I didn't take. It made choosing the before and after picts a little harder.

I also have a new category in the pictures section - Wren. So if you want to see how adorable my dog is, now you can.

Click here to read the home reno review.

Click here to see picts of Wren.

Now we can finally go on vacation. After a year of hard work, there's only one place happier than our home - Disney World. Seven days in Mickeyland should suit us just fine.

BTW, this Friday is the 30th anniversary of the original release of Star Wars. Happy birthday. Watch 'em if you got 'em...just make sure it's the original and not the Special Edition and see why May 25, 1977 really was such a monumental day in film history.


- Luciano

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