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Hi all -

Sorry its been a while, but it's been a busy year. Specifically, a really busy 5 month sprint. So busy, it took me a month just to write this letter. You see we moved in September and 3 weeks ago we got our Certificate of Approval from the town...that means all the construction on the house meets with their approval and is considered finished. The town only cares about the major work...electrical, plumbing, heating, etc. They don't care about the door and window trim, carpeting, painting, etc. The approval has been a long time coming considering last week (31st) is the one year anniversary of owning this house. Yeah, it'll take 6 months to do all the work.

I'll spare you all the details (that'll be in the next letter) but this is the gist of what we did -
- eliminated a small room to create a master suite
- completely redid both bathrooms
- added a half bath on the first floor
- lowered the basement floor by 8 inches (so it's a 7 ft ceiling now)
- replaced the boiler and all baseboards to a hot water system
- added radiant heat in the basement and bathrooms
- replaced the plumbing in the entire house
- added a tankless, or on-demand, hot water heater
- painted all interior walls and ceilings
- added more amps to our electrical service and replaced the wires in all exposed walls
- hard wired all smoke detectors
- added conduit for ethernet and video wiring

Seems like a lot?, it was...and I'm skipping out on a lot of details. All that stuff kept me busy for sure...and no, I did not do all the work, but I did have to supervise and make sure everything got done. That is a job in itself. A lot of time was spent doing this.

Because of that it felt like my real, paying (or lack there of, depending on the project ;) ) job was my second job. I worked on some stuff you might see all the time (I do, anyway) and some stuff you might never see. I'll be updated the site soon with some clips, but now I'll have to use words and list a few ;).

V-me - I worked on the animation for a new latino PBS channel airing soon

Outback Steakhouse - It's a couple of animated commercials for J.J. Sedelmeier with an aborigine style to it.
Orion Slave Girls Must Die !!! - A student short film where I was the lead VFX guy. I'll go into further detail later, but I hope this is on of those things you get to's a pretty good film.

Last, and certainly not least, is something that has really filled in my spare time...some you know, but for those that don't - we got a puppy. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Wren. She's 6 months now. I'll post some pictures of her soon along with the other stuff I mentioned.


- Luciano

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