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Hi all -

CCI-IFF_ZPGreat news. Zombie Prom won not one, but two awards at the Comic-Con Film Festival (CCI-IFF). It won Best Comic Oriented Film and Judges' Choice Award, which is essentially the best of the fest award. This is certainly a great thing considering last years winner was nominated for an Academy Award.

For more info on Zombie Prom, you can visit the official web site -

You can also check out a few of the sequences I worked on as the Senior VFX Artist (i.e. compositor) on the project by clicking here.

Pen vs. Pencil is another story. While I thought it was robbed of the animation award, the screening went very well. First of all, it got an encore. It was the ONLY film to get an encore. Granted, it's short length allowed a repeated viewing to happen given the time constraints, however I designed it specifically for repeated viewing. As I walked up on stage for the Q & A, someone from the audience shouted out, "Great film!"...another thing that only happed on my film. Really. All and all, I think the festival was a success.

Another piece of news - SNL: The Best of TV Funhouse will be on DVD this October. It will contain all the shorts that aired on TV uncut as well as another hour of extra cartoons. Robert Smigel (the writer and creator, not to mention the arm and voice of Triumph) and Robert Marianetti (one of the directors) was at the con promoting it. Which leads me to my next bit of news...I also experienced my first signing.

I just showed up to say hi and Smigel just asked me to sit with them. Sure enough, I was being introduced (to the line of people at the table) as the compositor and one of the people started asking me for my autograph. It was very surreal. But even still, Marianetti and I joked that we were being upstaged by the puppet on Smigels left arm. Everyone wanted to see Triumph. They knew him. I felt like once they found out who Marianetti and I were, they were excited to meet us. So my 15 minutes ran late and became 2 hours.


- Luciano

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