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Hi all -

Vote for Pen vs. Pencil! Its simple. Go to the Nextoons site and, as long as screening #2 shorts is up, on the right side click on the icon for Pen vs Pencil (top row, 3rd from the left). A voting scale appears while you watch. You probably need Flash to view the page.

Tell your friends, family, friends family, family's friends...tell everyone. Give it a 10. Apparently, you can reload the page and vote again. Honestly, most of them are pretty good. I'm honored to be part of this. Check them out if you have time...but only after you vote for me ;)

The vote is open until 11:59 PM tonight (23rd) but will re-open on Sunday the 28 and stay open until Friday, September 16th. So keep voting!!


- Luciano

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