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Hi all -

Whole lot of news today. Pen vs. Pencil will be appearing at the LA International Short Film Festival, which will be at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood from September 6 - 13. Specifically, my film will be part of program #26 and shown at 5:45 PM on Thursday Sept 8th. So anyone in the LA area feel free to check it out.

This is a cool thing because this isn't just an animation's a short film festival, and animation is only one of the categories. As they say on their site, "LA Shorts Fest attracts the highest caliber of short films made each year. Since its' inception, twenty festival participants have gone on to earn Academy Award nominations and six have won the Oscar for their films." I'm not saying PvsP is going to win an oscar, it's just nice to party with those people ;).

Nextoons info. PvsP will air on Nicktoons August 22nd, 9:00 PM Pacific/12:00 AM Eastern and repeat 3 hours later. Makes me wonder if they really want people to watch this ;). The program will also be simulcast on, where you can probably vote for your favorite...mine. I'll be sending a reminder...don't you worry.

My Big Fat Independent Movie is coming to theaters. This is the indy film I worked on more than a year ago. It will be in limited release starting September 30th, then rolling out to more cities through October. Check out the official web site for more info. I've told a few of you about pokes fun of a slew of indy films like Momento, Amelie and Pulp Fiction. It has lots of toilet humor so it's NOT for the light hearted, so Mom, you won't like it but Dad, you will. If you want to see what I mean, check out the shot that I worked on here. Regardless, I think the movie's hilarious.

1672. No, that's not some important date in history (it may be to someone...just not me). That's how many miles (2691 km) I drove with Alison up the California coastline from Laguna Beach to Seattle. It was a lot of fun. Some of the highlights were we spent a night at the famed Madonna Inn where we had a rock wall room (I'm not kidding...check it out here), saw the Hearst Castle and ate lunch at Skywalker Ranch (read an old fan tour here). When I go through all my stuff (I haven't even unpacked yet), I want to gather a few photos and post them with more details. Give me some time on this one...I was away for 2 weeks and need a vacation from the vacation ;).


- Luciano

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