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Hi all -

So I finally have my web site up. Welcome. Feel free to look around and see what I've done over the past 7 years. It's not 100 percent just yet, but it's pretty close. There's clips and pictures all over the place. I tried to keep the video clips to a small size for ease of download times...knowing how much of my life has been spent watching the bar on the computer, I didn't want to feed that machine, so to speak. But, there's only so far I could go without sacrificing too much on the quality end, so maybe it's time to get that DSL or cable modem ;).

Please forgive the simplicity of this site. While I like simplicity, I only had 2 weeks to organize my life in pixel form, come up with the design and learn Dreamweaver so you can see it. So, again, here it is. Piss of your boss and watch a few cartoons during the work day. ;) Enjoy...

- Luciano

PS - I couldn't resist...there's an easter egg on this site. Not terribly hidden, but it's the flash animation I made of myself back at Tapehouse. It's too silly to put front and center, but it had to go here somewhere.

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